Day of the Moron by H. Beam Piper

By H. Beam Piper

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Personal development plans are: • • • • • a medium term snapshot of development needs and learning plans that change over a working life the agreed output of the appraisal dynamic: amended and reviewed throughout the year dynamic: reflecting changes in the individual and in the service a starting point: the amended version feeds into next year's appraisal. Within a practice, individual personal learning and development plans may be collated and contribute to the practice development plan. This is a two-way process, the individual and the practice plans having influence on each other.

The best way to encourage reflection when you are talking to someone is to give them as much chance to talk as possible. This involves the use of the active listening skills that we outlined earlier in this chapter and, importantly, it entails the use of open questions. For this reason, parts of the appraisal documentation that invite reflection should also use open questions. In appraisal, the aim is to frame the reflection in broader priorities and contexts. How an electronic appraisal record can help with reflection The electronic appraisal record can help with reflection in the following ways.

What are the links to pay? What are the links to education and training? How does appraisal fit in with mentoring? Who is driving the process? Appraisal is usually, though not always, driven by 'management'. This normally is the employer, which means that, whether the appraisal is voluntary or compulsory and whether or not there is an overt link to pay and promotion, the individual who is appraised is likely to think that their job is on the line. 2 The process may be completely formalised so that every appraisal in the organisation is identical.

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