Deathlands 30 - Crossways by James Axler

By James Axler

Rising from a gateway with partners in tow, Ryan Cawdor is pressured to make an unsettling determination in regard to the red-haired Krysty Wroth, who harbors a private hope for revenge.

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Had polished his glasses again, putting them back on to peer at the plan. He traced their route from the gateway. "Guess you're likely right, Ryan. It must" He glanced behind them. "Over there. " The sec door was there. Like the other one, it proved safe to use, and they left it tripped, ready to get back down toward the mat-trans section of the redoubt. RYAN LED THE WAY UP the iron stairs, his boots rasping on the serrated treads of the steps. He guessed that there was probably a bank of elevators that they could have used to reach the ground level and the way out of the place.

Good protection once they mastered the outer doors. Looks like they never got deeper into the section toward the gateway. " "Could have been a nuke meltdown in part of the redoubt," Krysty suggested. "Account for the lack of babies and the rad sickness. " The words "guards" brought instant attention from the brothers. "Guards of the Redoubt," they said. " Titus suddenly looked sharply at Ryan. " "Enemies die," they chorused. "When shall that be? On the day of enemies? Who shall do it? " They gave themselves a round of applause, which Ryan and then the others joined in.

B. Dix, Mildred Wyeth, Doc Tanner, Jak Lauren and my son, Dean. We're outlanders and seem to have gotten ourselves lost. " Ryan sensed that this was a potentially tricky one. He threw it back at the young man. " It was as though he'd been asked to solve the riddle of the sphinx. " The blank face cleared a little. "Titus of Redoubt Guard. " "No. Yeah. Yeah, I guess that's what I meant. " "Seems we don't know the answer to that one, outlander. Tell us. " Both foreheads wrinkled, and both men raised hands to stroke their chins.

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