Depositional Sedimentary Environments: With Reference to by Professor Dr. Hans-Erich Reineck, Dr. Indra Bir Singh

By Professor Dr. Hans-Erich Reineck, Dr. Indra Bir Singh (auth.)

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McKEE (1953) calls them backwash marks. TRUSHElM (1935a) and HoYT and HENRY (1963) give some useful information about rhomboid ripple marks. Small rhomboid ripples may occasionally show rather conspicuous crests, especially when they are produced by the w;;tshing away of earlier small ripples. Each scale-like tongue has an acute angle pointing downstream, formed by two steep lee sides, while the other upstream half generally smaller than the downstream half is formed by the gentle slope extending into the angle of re-entrance of the lee sides of the two tongues of the following alternating row (TWENHOFEL, 1932).

Fig. 32. Small ripples with almost straight crests. Small rill marks at the crests are formed during emergence of tidal flats. North Sea tidal flats. Knife as scale Fig. 33. Block diagram showing cross-bedding produced by migration of straight-crested small-current ripples. The cross-bedded units are planar in character' Current Ripples Undulatory Small Ripples Undulatory small ripples represent a transition form between low-energy straight-crested small ripples and higher-energy lingoid small ripples.

Megaripples are covered with small ripples, which were generated after megaripples ceased to migrate. Flow is toward the observer. North Sea tidal flats Current and Wave Ripples 36 Fig. 42. Undulatory megaripples. Crests are continuous but projected fore-ward into tongue-like extensions. Smaller ripples on megaripples were produced during the emergence of the surface. Flow is from left to right. North Sea tidal fiats straight-crested to lunate megaripples. Straightcrested and lunate megaripples represent the end members of the series, whereas undulatory megaripples represent arbitrary intermediate transitional forms.

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