Dialogues In Limbo by George Santayana

By George Santayana

Атеист и скептик, американский философ Джордж Сантаяна (1863 – 1952) в этой книге с присущей ему язвительностью развенчивает догматы христианства, показывая, что все религии суть лишь воплощения естественной потребности человека поэтизировать реальность. Философия, по его мнению, тоже сродни и религии, и искусству – она не решает никаких проблем и не делает никаких открытий и является лишь самовыражением того, кто ею занимается.
Для философов, историков философии, религиоведов.

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Far from destroying the beautiful in the realm of appearance my discovery atoms dance In else for presence there to a double dignity a Is magic birth, witchery, being witchery Indeed and In It its parent nature, whose joy It I deny nothing* Your Is, proves her fertility. raises its ; Its ; Olympian victory and your trembling steeds spattered with foam, and your strong lithe hand detaining them before the altar of Apollo while you receive the crown how should science delete these verses from the book of experience or prove that they were never sung ?

And at the second remove, as the vicariously verses in v^hich Sophocles expresses the ravings of Ajax are themselves sanely composed, and a calm image of horror. But your thoughts, in the confusion and welter of existence, are still rebellious to metre you cannot yet rehearse your ; we do here, with the pause part, and pomp of a posthumous self-knowledge. My discourse on madness therefore, will not only as allotted , celebrate your actions, but may open your eyes ; and I assign to you on this occasion the place of honour, as nearest of kin to the goddess Mania^ to-day presides over our games, There is little philosophy not contained in the who between things as they exist in nature^ and things as they appear to opinion yet both the substance and its appearance often bear the same name, to the confusion of discourse.

What was It when passing ? A waking dream. Yes, and grief also Is a dream, which if It leaves a trace leaves not one of its own quality, but a transmuted and serene Image of sorrow in this realm of memory and truth. As the grief of Priam in Homer and the grief of Achilles, springing from the dreadful madness of love and pride in their two bosoms, united in the divine ecstasy of the poet, so all the joys and griefs , , NORMAL MADNESS of illusion unite and a sane mind. To become 57 a strange ecstasy in ask of philosophy ?

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