Girl Power (Summersdale Humour) by Emma Burgess

By Emma Burgess

We all know that women rule, yet do they understand the foundations to ensure issues stay that method? it is a difficult international, yet this quantity is designed to aid sisters remain sassy and women remain nice! keep on with the foundations and also you may still get the entire adoration and admire you deserve.

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34 35 Be sure to use a good form of contraceptive…like his personality for instance. 36 37 If you snag your tights or scuff your new shoes on the way to your date don’t panic, as his mind will be concentrating on much higher things…like your bosoms. 38 39 First impressions count. If your Madonna impression doesn’t go right the first time, forget it. 40 Always buy the latest personal stereos with the tiniest earphones that can be hidden under your hair. There’s nothing worse than actually listening to a bloke while he’s trying to chat you up.

64 Maybe try to curb your swearing when out on a date. Men love their women to be girlie, sweet and demure. Yeah right. All that really concerns them is whether or not you go like a train.

All men live under the delusion that a fair barter for a gin and tonic is a full half-hour sex session with you. That’s nonsense, of course. 15 minutes should be the maximum. 43 If you are having problems dumping your boyfriend, just leave a copy of The Female Eunuch by your bed. Alternatively, tell him you love him. 44 45 Get yourself a diamond geezer…someone who will willingly open an account for you at Tiffany’s and pay it off. 46 Don’t think of marriage in any way as a diminution of your girl power.

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