Jews and Gentiles in the Holy Land in the Days of the Second by Menahem Mor, Aharon Oppenheimer, Jack Pastor, Daniel R.

By Menahem Mor, Aharon Oppenheimer, Jack Pastor, Daniel R. Schwartz (eds.)

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For Sophocles, "the Egyptian way," is no way for a Greek, and Herodotus' bemused attitude is replaced by one of reproach. p. 1971] pp. 15-68. H. Bacon, Barbarians in Greek Tragedy, New Haven 1961, pp. 15-63; for aigyptiazein, see Cratinus, fro 378 (Kassel-Austin, vol. IV, p. 301, fro 406), and Aristophanes Thesm. 922, with T. Long, Barbarians in Greek Comedy, Carbondale 1986, p. 140. For tourism see V. D. dissertation, Princeton 1989, and L. Casson, Travel in the Ancient World, Baltimore 1994. S.

18 Cette hospitalite passagere ne suppose d'ailleurs pas que Pollion ait pris en mains I'education des jeunes gens. On aimerait certes que les jeunes princes de Judee aient ete confies a la tutelle d' Asinius Pollion, qui fut un des plus actifs representants du 'siecle d' Auguste,,,19 qu'illeur ait fait lire Virgile (mort en 19), dont il avait ete Ie premier patron, qu'illes ait inities a l'histoire tout en critiquant la "patavinitas,,20 de Tite Live et fait lire, outre ses propres ouvrages historiques, ceux de Nicolas de Damas, ami d'Herode, mais surtout qu'il ait aide a developper leur diction - grecque autant que latine - puisqu'il encourageait I'art oratoire.

Ventosi .. iactantes .. 41; cf. 79, 91, 158, and W. HeIck, "Die Agypter und die Fremden," Saeculum, 15 (1964), pp. 103-116. Plato Leg. 953E: For Eratosthenes, see Strabo Geog. 19. For the Jews' expUlsion from Egypt see the survey of Cl. 1, 1987, pp. 41--65. Philo Spec. Leg. 146, who describes Egypt as "a land full of inhumanity and accustomed to expelling foreigners," and Strabo Geog. 6, who speaks of xenophobia as typical of the Egyptian kings, both relate to the pre-Hellenistic period. 36 GIDEON BOHAK Haughtiness and exclusivity, however, were not the worst Egyptian characteristics.

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