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S. alyj on Stanovlennja reabizmu and M. D. Berntejn on the literary criticism from the 1850s to the l870s-and that is all. "53 If anything, it is the stuff of academic anecdotes. 4. If the bibliography at the end raises some questions about the author’s approach, the introductory chapter reveals some of y evs’kyj’s premises in the writing of this book. It shows that this history was conceived above all as an antidote and corrective to the various histories of Ukrainian literature that preceded it.

Between Kasijan Sakovy’s Virfi na falosnyj pohreb Sahajdaénoho 1622 and Semen Divovy’s Razhovor Vely korossii z Malorossieju 1762 there is a broad spectrum of positions, reflected in such works, among others, as Velykovs’kyj’s viri to ... 88 Istorija Rusov is the only work to be given a fuller treatment, but as yIevs’kyj himself says, "it belongs to the post-Baroque era" 348. As to Velyko, y2evs’kyj cites several passages to illustrate his style, but of the "idea content" he can only say that "In the prefaces to the first and second volumes, Velyko develops some of the basic ideas underlying his world view and his historical ‘methodology" 345-and this is not very enlightening.

Grabowicz, "Serhij Jefremov jak istoryk ukra jins’koho pys’menstva," SuCasnist, 1976, no. 10 190. " S. Jefremov, Istorija ukrains’koho pys’menstva Kiev and Leipzig, 1919, pp. 12-13. TOWARD A HISTORY OF UKRAINIAN LITERATURE 437 Ukrainian Baroque literature, his rejection of the notion that it was "removed from life,’ foreign to the interests of the people, ‘scholastic,’ of use to no one" 260 is clearly directed against populist and later "vulgar-Marxist" criteria, but perhaps most of all against Jefremov, who more than any contemporary questioned the value of this literature.

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