Ob As in Knob (Word Families Set 5) by Amanda Rondeau

By Amanda Rondeau

Introduces, briefly textual content and illustrations, using the letter mixture "ob" in such phrases as "knob," "mob," "fob," and "blob."

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Write out 300-400 words and time how long it takes to read them or speak them naturally. If you can count more than 120 words per minute check whether you are gabbling, not pausing for breath, not enunciating clearly. If so, you might come across as bright but what’s the point if no one can follow your flow of ideas. Pause: Pauses in the right places add a dynamic to the spoken word. They can add drama, poignancy or be used for emphasis. Some people are frightened of pausing in case they get interrupted or lose the flow, so they fill the gap with ‘ums’ or ‘ers’ or ‘if you see what I mean .

2. (b) Ten minutes allows you to check the arrangements, including how you will settle the bill, before your guest arrives. 3. Don’t grovel. A simple apology face to face as soon as possible is the best thing or a short note of apology marked ‘Confidential’. If you’ve ruined someone’s jacket, send them flowers. 63 30 Minutes to Make the Right Impression 4. (c) is expedient (d) might be a wise longer-term solution if you can’t stand it.

Pausing and living with the ensuing silence is a powerful indicator of confidence. Clarity: Someone once said: ‘If you look after the consonants, the vowels will take care of themselves’. It doesn’t matter how brilliant your thoughts are if you can’t articulate them clearly without mumbling. If you mumble you create a distance between you and the other person; you don’t allow them into your vocal space. If your speech is lazy and indistinct it conveys arrogance or a lack of commitment and energy.

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