Structure for Dependability: Computer-Based Systems from an by Denis Besnard, Cristina Gacek, Cliff Jones

By Denis Besnard, Cristina Gacek, Cliff Jones

Approach builders, stakeholders, selection makers, policymakers and lecturers will locate this publication a one-stop source highlighting the center matters for all these taken with dependability in a posh computer-based atmosphere.

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The role of structure: a software engineering perspective 39 9 Top-down and bottom-up architecture In software development the word architecture can mean many things [25; 2; 29]. Here we mean the identification of software components, their arrangement into one or more larger structures of chosen types, and the choice of component types and connecting interfaces. This is, in a sense, programming in the large, a term introduced by DeRemer and Kron [9]. As DeRemer and Kron recognised, software architecture can be approached top-down, or bottom-up, or in some combination of the two.

Yearly calendar month * day start of week o * ™ start of week o Fig. 12. A composition structure distorting one of its constituent structures 5 We are assuming a simple old-fashioned handset here, and a simple old-fashioned landline-based telephone service. 6 In a certain sense, pressing a dialpad button is always possible, but has no effect when the phone is onhook: no signal is transmitted to the exchange computer, and no change is made to the local state of the phone. 36 Michael Jackson The effect of the distortion is a partial loss of context.

The successful accommodation of both constituent structures without distortion can be seen directly. 4 Using this kind of merging composition structure eliminates a significant source of error: the retention of each constituent structure ensures that the context of each part is preserved intact in the composition. In this trivial example the composition structure is formed from given constituents whose individual properties are independent of the composition: in forming the composition it is therefore necessary to accommodate every possible instance of each constituent considered independently.

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