The Macmillan Dictionary of Archaeology by Ruth D. Whitehouse (eds.)

By Ruth D. Whitehouse (eds.)

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Lapps and Labyrinths: Saami Prehistory, Colonization, and Cultural Resilience

Professor Noel D. Broadbent is certainly one of Sweden's most desirable specialists on north Swedish archaeology and actually wrote the publication at the prehistory of the Skellefteå quarter at the North Bothnian coast. this data is now dropped at undergo at the factor of Saami origins. the focal point is at the profitable adaptive options of Saami societies over hundreds of thousands of years - a sworn statement to Saami resiliency, of relevance to the survival of indigenous societies all over the world this present day.

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DREAMTIME SUPERHIGHWAY offers an intensive and unique contextualization of the rock paintings and archaeology of the Sydney Basin. by means of combining excavation effects with rock paintings research it demonstrates actual archaeology of rock artwork promises insights into rock paintings image-making in people's social and cultural lives.

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"Most humans on the earth this day imagine democracy and gender equality are strong, and that violence and wealth inequality are undesirable. yet most folk who lived in the course of the 10,000 years sooner than the 19th century proposal simply the other. Drawing on archaeology, anthropology, biology, and background, Ian Morris, writer of the best-selling Why the West Rules--for Now, explains why.

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It was occupied from the 12th-11th centuries BC and became a southern frontier post of the kingdom of Judah. The most important find of this period is a sanctuary associated with worship of Yahweh. There were citadels on this site also in the Hellenistic and Roman periods and subsequently an Arab khan. Aramagosa. See VENT ANA CAVE. Arauquinoid, Arauquin. One of the ceramic series developed by Irving Rouse and Jose Cruxent to facilitate cultural comparison in the Venezuela/ Antilles area. Characterized by soft-textured, grey-coloured vessels tempered with spicules of freshwater sponge, the series flourished in the Orinoco basin from c500 to c1500 AD.

G. Oshara). Although the practice of agriculture characterizes the tradition, the gathering of wild food-plants and hunting continued to play some part in subsistence activities throughout their history. The traditional starting date for the culture is 1 AD, though this now appears somewhat arbitrary. Distinctive cultural traits, however, occur mostly in the period cS00-1300. Increasing reliance on cultigens, the replacement of basketry with increasingly complex ceramic technology, and the movement from scattered village life to concentrated Pueblo dwellings are all major trends in this period.

Pitchers and bowls, but it is the latter which were widely traded around Western Europe from the late 11th century to the 14th century. G. (1874-1960). Swedish geologist who worked in China in the second and third decades of this century. His most important excavations were on sites of the YANGSHAO Neolithic culture, including the type site and other sites of the same culture further west in Kansu. He was also the first excavatorin 1921-6 ofthe famous Palaeolithic cave site of ZHOUKOUDIAN (Choukoutien).

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